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Sentencing for Misdemeanors in Colorado

Misdemeanor offenses are divided into three classes in the State of Colorado. Here are the possible sentences for misdemeanors:
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Extraordinary Risk Crimes

Some misdemeanor crimes in Colorado have enhanced penalties. These are charges that are labeled “Extraordinary Risk Crimes.” The maximum sentence is increased for these offenses. Extraordinary Risk Crimes misdemeanor crimes include: Third Degree Assault, Child Abuse, Violation of Restraining Order, and Unlawful Sexual Contact. Violation of Restraining Order is only labeled as Extraordinary Risk on second or subsequent offenses.

Some convictions carry specific sentencing requirements, unique to that type of charge. For example, a domestic violence conviction results in mandatory domestic violence classes. For a DUI conviction, doing alcohol classes is the only way to avoid mandatory jail.

There are some criminal convictions that trigger specific mandatory sentencing requirements. For example, a DUI conviction brings mandatory drug or alcohol education, or else mandatory jail must be imposed. A domestic violence conviction triggers mandatory domestic violence education.

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