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Every client can expect…

  • Reasonable Legal Fees
  • In-Depth, Careful Analysis of All Evidence
  • Defense of Your Constitutional Rights
  • Thorough Investigation of All Important Facts
  • Persistent Negotiations with the District Attorney
  • Top Quality Performance at Trial

Because I limit my practice to criminal defense, and only in Colorado, I work with the criminal laws and the criminal courts every day. I’m able to keep my courtroom skills sharp, and stay aware of the frequent changes in the criminal law. While a lot of lawyers will be willing to accept your criminal case, I strongly recommend that you hire a criminal defense attorney, and not a multi-practice general lawyer. The practice of criminal defense is both a science and an art. Attorneys that defend criminal cases every day will be the most skilled at defending you against the power of the government.

Your lawyer must have strong trial skills. Even if you want to settle your case with a plea bargain, the threat posed by a skilled trial lawyer is what will drive the prosecutor to give you a good plea offer. It is also critically important to investigate every case. Some lawyers may not look carefully at every case, especially if the case looks like a “loser” anyway. This is a mistake. Discovering the evidence that weakens the prosecutor’s case is exactly what may cause them to fear losing at trial. This can do a lot to help you in plea negotiations.

I have successfully defended hundreds of criminal cases in Colorado. I have a strong record when defending the accused at trial. If you must settle your case with a plea agreement, you can expect that I will fight for the best possible outcome, and of course, the minimum consequences to you. Everything will be done to ensure that you are in the best bargaining position when dealing with the District Attorney.

When your life and liberty are at stake, having a skilled criminal attorney on your side is critical. The attorney that you choose can make the difference in the outcome of your case, and have a lasting effect on your life. Regardless of what crime you have been charged with, I understand how important it is to your life, and to your future. You have the right to expect the best possible defense, and that is what you’ll get here.

Plea Bargain Definition: In criminal procedure, a negotiation between the defendant and his attorney on one side and the prosecutor on the other, in which the defendant agrees to plead “guilty” or “no contest” to some crimes, in return for reduction of the severity of the charges, dismissal of some of the charges, the prosecutor’s willingness to recommend a particular sentence, or some other benefit to the defendant.