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Hiring an Denver criminal defense lawyer to handle your criminal defense case does not guarantee favorable results. Each case is different, and each case has numerous unique variables, such as who the prosecutor is, who the judge is, what the unique facts of the case are, and what your prior criminal history is, just to name a few. It is unprofessional for an attorney to guarantee to achieve specific results in your case. Our promise to you is that we will utilize all of our experience, and make our best efforts to optimize the results in your defense case.

Attorney Client Privilege
After signing a fee agreement and fulfilling the payment requirements, you establish a attorney client relationship with clear benefits. The attorney–client privilege is one of the oldest recognized privileges for confidential communications. The United States Supreme Court has stated that by assuring confidentiality, the privilege encourages clients to make “full and frank” disclosures to their attorneys, who are then better able to provide candid advice and effective representation.